Murphy James Poker Quiz #1
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10 Poker Trivia Questions

Caught up in the poker craze?  Can’t get away from the televised tournaments? 

Think you know the stars like Howard, Annie, the many Phil's, Barry, the Magician, the Grinder, and the Unabomber?

Well, here’s the chance to impress your buddies on poker night.  See if you can identify the players in this quiz. 

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Be sure to use small letters (no caps) when entering your letter choice. Also, in order to get credit for each right answer, be sure to click on "Check Current Answer" before going on to the next question.
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How did you do? 

An "A"

You’re ready for the World Series of Poker.  Get $10,000 together and go for it.

A "B" 

Find an easy World Poker Tour event.

A "C"  

Stick with $2/$4 tables

A "D" or "F"  

Stick with free online games for now.


Click here to print the quiz and take it with you to your next game and see how well your friends do.


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